ISA Sign Expo 2017 a great success

    Wednesday April 26th, 2017

    The 2017 ISA Sign Expo concluded last weekend out in Las Vegas Nevada. This years event was at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. ISA did a great job with their promoting and attendence seemed to be great overall. General Formulations had an international theme for this show with the intent of letting customers know of our global expansion. GF had a large map on the floor and all of our desks and tables were wrapped with landmarks from around the world. We had our EMEA representative Murat Zekeriya Kurdu to talk to all of our European cusomters and as usual we have many visits from our Latin American, Australian, and Canadian customers just to name a few. On the large map, we encouraged customers to place a dot representing their hometowns. It was fascinating to see how far individuals come to network and explore new products.

    General Formululations showcased a couple of new products at the show, including 290 ChalkMark chalkboard vinyl and 700 series Fluorescent Vinyl (5 colors). Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth, we had a great time meeting end users and hearing about the creative things they are doing with our film. Thanks also to the great distributors we work with, who help out our loyal customers. See you next year in Orlando!