GF 110 EraseMark Pro™ Commercial Grade Dry Erase

Summary: EraseMark Pro™ 110 is a 2-mil clear polyester laminate with a high performance hard coated engineered surface. The scratch and abrasion resistant polyester film is coated with a permanent solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on a smooth paper liner. This film works well with quality dry erase markers and its anti-graffiti properties allows for easy removal of permeant markers and crayons. EraseMark Pro™ 110 has a 5 year interior durability with proper care and cleaning.
Applications:This product is recommended for producing high quality long term dry erase boards typically found in hospitals, retail establishments, restaurants and schools. EraseMark Pro™ 110 is a great alternative to replacing whiteboards due to its ease clean, anti-ghosting and yellowing properties. Combine with WallMark™ 226 – 6.0 mil matte white and makes virtually any surface into a dry ease board.  Typical substrates are printed photo papers, printed vinyl’s and unprinted substrates. This product also resistance to permanent or semi-permanent markers and crayons with rubbing or isopropyl alcohol.
For best results, we suggest the following dry erase brand marking pens:
Expo Scents® (chisel point), Expo Bold color® (chisel Point), Expo regular® (chisel point) brand marking pens. It is recommended to use a microfiber cloth to clean the films surface. Do not use any chalkboard or felt erasers as this may damage the surface long term. Clean with soapy water and dry with soft microfiber cloth. Ensure no soapy residue is left. To help keep your laminate surface clean and ghost free, we recommend using
Remooble™ whiteboard renew. It safely cleans white board surfaces and tough stains. Get more info at

GF 110 EraseMark Pro is a 2 mil clear polyester hard coated and non-porous to liquids. 
Film Thickness:2.0 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)  
Adhesive Thickness Side One:0.8 to 1.0 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)  
Liner Thickness Side One:4.0 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)  
Liner Type:4 mil smooth paper.
Temperature Ranges:Minimum application temperature           +40°F.
Service temperature is                           -40°F to +200°F.
Dimensional Stability:Film can react to heat in processing. In laminating process do not use excessive unwind tension or nip roll pressure as curl could result.
Expected Exterior Exposure:Not intended for outdoor use. Designed for interior use only.
Adhesion:To stainless steel: 48 oz/in. 
PSTC-1 with 24-hour dwell at 70°F and 50% relative humidity. 
Typical values.  Individual values may vary. Test thoroughly before production.
Water Resistance:Good. Immersion not recommended.
Humidity Resistance:Good
Storage Stability:1-year shelf life when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.
Product Codes:110-54 / 54”x150’