GF 275 SubMark™

Submark - White Flexible High-Tack Polymeric Vinyl - Permanent Adhesive Technical Data Sheet
Summary: GF 275 SUBMARK™ is a 3.5 mil flexible polymeric matte white opaque vinyl film coated with a high-tack permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive designed for wall-cut subway poster applications. This vinyl film is a high quality opaque matte white with excellent outdoor durability. The film provides integrity against removal, helping to prevent vandal’s from removing from the subway. The 200-4998 adhesive is designed to bond to a variety of substrates such as metals, painted metals, smooth finish powder coated metals, low surface energy plastics, rough textured surfaces, wood, ceramic tile, wall-cut outs, concrete and fiber board frames. This film is backed with a two-sided poly coated 90# Layflat release liner with the SUBMARK™ logo for ease of identification by printers and installers.