GF SR5-OL-1.5AP/1.5

5.0 mil scratch resistant textured clear vinyl floor laminate
Clear permanent adhesive

A 5.0 mil clear rigid calendered vinyl film with a slight texture designed for use as a protective overlay. Adhesive is a water based permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for exceptional clarity and long term compatibility with vinyl films. This product is supplied on a 1.5 mil polyester clear liner designed to provide extremelysmooth adhesive coating. The scratch resistant vinyl overlay film should be considered as an inexpensive alternative to polycarbonate overlay where specifications allow. Designed for use as a protective and decorative overlaminate to produce mouse pads, counter mats, decals and display graphics. The adhesive is formulated to adhere to most common printing inks. However, specific formulations must be tested before use. Some inks may contain excessive flow additives that could reduce adhesion of this product.

FILM TYPE Matte Clear Vinyl
ADHESIVE Permanent
RELEASE LINER Clear Polyester